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Eiks an Ens 32

Annual Collogue, 8t June: Scots in Education

We will be haudin oor Annual Collogue on Setterday the 8t o June!

The venue will be the Sandeman Room in the AK Bell Library, Perth. It will rin frae 9.30am until 5pm.

Oor theme this year will be Scots in Education. This is parteicular topical this year, gien the apenin o the first teacher trainin programme effeirin til teachin the Scots leid. We ar excitit tae walcome a wheen o braw spikkers tae gie us their thochts on this wechtie maiter!

Forby, we luik forrit tae haein winners frae this year’s Sangschaw competeition read their warks.

We will be releasin the fu programme o events gey shuin. In the meantime, get it in your diaries!

Sangschaw 2024 winners annoonced

As detailed in oor lest news post, we hae annoonced the winners o the 2024 Sangschaw. Oor congratulations til aw the winners, an til awbody that submittit. The qualitie was heicher than iver afore quo oor eiditor, Wullie, and there wis mair submeissions nor iver afore, sae we aw hae somethin tae be pleised aboot!

Album release: LEID

We said in oor lest issue that Wullie wis aboot tae pit oot his new album wi the Bowhill Players: weill, gin you misst it, the album is oot! You can listen tae it and cowp it on Bandcamp for doonload or as a CD. In this scriever’s opeinion, it’s no somethin you want tae miss!

Beuk launch: Library of Aethers

The folk singer Alasdair Roberts will be in conversation wi Wullie Hershaw about his new beuk, Library of Aethers, an ingaitherin frae his rare an sindry lyric beuks. It includes ower 70 oreiginal texts frae his youth til the nou, and owersettins intil Portuguese, Gaelic an, o coorse, Scots.

The event will be in Kirkcaldy on Friday the 19t o April. You can cowp tickets til the beuk launch online.

SPL pamphlet fair

We will be amang a wheen o staws at the Scottish Poetry Library Pamphlet Fair in Embro on Setterday the 27t o April. Entry is free, 11am til 3pm at the Scottish Poetry Library on Crichton Street.

Scottish Leids Bill

The Scottish Leids Bill continues tae daunder its wey throu the legislative process. The Associe haes submittit its contribution til the public consultation that will be conseidered by the Pairliamentary Education Comatee. We hae expresst oor support for the principles o the Bill, in parteicular that Scots maun be recogneised as an offeicial leid o Scotland. We tak tent o the sindry situations o Scots an Gaelic an hae expresst oor concern that these arnae tret the same.

We howp tae furthset oor hale submeission til the Education Comatee in due coorse.

Meanwhyle, we howp that the Education Comatee will conseider oor submeission and will conseider cawin us for tae present evidence in person.