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We ar acceptin submeissions til Lallans 104!

We accep poesie, cuttie tales, reviews, essays an drama, baith oreiginal an owerset. Sen yer submeissions til

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Aboot us

The Scots Leid Associe wis fundit i 1972 wi an anely brief: tae promuive the Scots leid and leitratur bi furthsettin the anely magazine dedicatit til new Scots scrievin.

Ower five decades later, that is oor meission else. Asides Lallans, we rin an annual Scots-leid scrievin competition, the Sangschaw, an we forby hae furthset an anely ingaitherin o Scots-leid recordins in our Scotsoun series o CDs.

Mairfortaken, we hae annual Collogues, whaur we ingaither oor memmers an hear talks on Scots-leid cultur an hear Sangschaw winners readin their nain wark.

Meet the Commattee

Mair details comin shuin!


We ar ane o the foremaist furthsetters o new Scots leitratur. Oor maist important furthsettins ar Lallans an Scotsoun.

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Why jyne the Scots Leid Associe?

Bi jynin us, ye ar helpin us tae heize up the Scots leid, maistly bi giein Scots scrievers a place tae lairn frae anither an finnd their ain Scots vyce.

Forby, memmers get biannual issues o our aesome Lallans magazine gratis, an hae the richt tae atten our Annual Collogues, whaur we haud our AGM an enjoy talks frae kenspeckle spikkers on thochtie maiters effeirin til Scots leid an leiteratur.

Gin whit ye ar seekin is a community o prose-scrievers, makars, pleywreichts an owersetters, aw wi muckle care fur the Scots leid, the ar nae peer wi hus, the auldest Scots-leid activist organisation that’s about eenou an the anely fully dedicatit til the forderance o new Scots leiteratur.

Hou can A jyne?

Fur individuals, memmership costs £20 per annum. Fur institutions, the stent is £25 per annum.

Fur tae become a memmer, simply get in titch wi us at an we’ll provide ye wi our bank details; or ye can jyne bi sendin us a cheque made peyable til The Scots Language Society. See Contact us fur our address.

Scots Language Society
c/o 61 Cliffburn Road
DD11 5BA
United Kingdom