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The Scots Leid Associe wis fundit i 1972 wi an anely brief: tae promuive the Scots leid and leitratur bi furthsettin the anely magazine dedicatit til new Scots scrievin.

Ower five decades later, that is oor meission else. Asides Lallans, we rin an annual Scots-leid scrievin competition, the Sangschaw, an we forby hae furthset an anely ingaitherin o Scots-leid recordins in our Scotsoun series o CDs.

Mairfortaken, we hae annual Collogues, whaur we ingaither oor memmers an hear talks on Scots-leid cultur an hear Sangschaw winners readin their nain wark.

Meet the Commattee


We ar ane o the foremaist furthsetters o new Scots leitratur. Oor maist important furthsettins ar Lallans an Scotsoun.

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