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Eiks an Ens 31

Sangschaw open for submeissions!

Our annual scrievin competeition, the Sangschaw, is open for submeissions until the 31st o Januar! As ey, we will provide feedback for ilka entry nae maiter whither ye win a tassie or no. There’s no mony competeitions provide feedback on entries, but we think it’s important tae help writers develop. We hae three tassies:

New writers and auld haunds ar aa walcome, sae dinnae be blate! We luik forrit tae haein your entries!

It’s £5 for ae submeission, or £12 for three, whither in the same categorie or in different categories. Ye can either submit by email or by post.

Submittin by email

Gin ye want tae submit by email, first pey by bank transfer til the follaein account. Mind it’s £5 per submeission or £12 for three.

Account nem
Scots Language Society
Account number
Sort code
83 47 00

Syne, send your entries til alang wi pruif o peyment. For ensaumple, you could send a photae o your bank statement, or a copy o the transaction reference.

Submittin by post

Gin ye want tae submit by post, send them wi cash or cheque as weill as your nem and your return address on a separate sheet o paper til the follaein address:

c/o 6 Dryden Place

Mind it’s £5 per submeission or £12 for three. Address ony cheque til the Scots Language Society.

Upcomin album release: Leid

Our ain Wullie Hershaw will shuin be releasin a new album o contemporar Scots sangs titled Leid. It will be comin early in the new year, sae haud tuned in!

For tae whet your appetite, you can lug in til the title track on YouTube. Ye can forby pree the muisical wark o his group, the Bowhill Players on Bandcamp.

New lug-in guide at Lithgae Pailace

This winter, the guid fowks at Historic Environment Scotland hae owerset their lug-in guides for veisitors intil Scots for the first time. The aim is tae promuive the status o the Scots leid as weill as tae gie veisitors the opportunitie tae hear the vyces o the court in somethin like their ain leid.

Ye can read mair about the new lug-in guides on the Historic Environment Scotland wabsteid.

As faur as we ken, this is first sic ventur, no juist bi Historic Environment Scotland, but frae ony major tourist attraction. Can onybody mind o ocht similar? Answers on a postcaird pleise!

No received Lallans 103 yet?

It haes cam tae the notice o George, our membership secretar, that thare haes been a mishanter wi the postin o Lallans 103. Twa memmers, baith subscribers awed Lallans 103, didnae receive thair copies.

Gin ye haenae yet received yer copy o Lallans 103, that he postit out on Wadnesday 7th o November, pleise email George at an mak us ken o it. A copy o Lallans 103 will be postit out tae ye straucht awa!

New format for Eiks an Ens

Auld freinds will mind that Eiks an Ens haes formerlie been a leiterar magazine tae accompanie Lallans. We on the Comatee felt that this didnae gie Eiks an Ens the distinct purpose that it deserved, and it didnae tak fu advauntage o the opportunitie Eiks affuirdit tae jeel our communitie thegether.

Sae this is the first issue o Eiks tae tak a new format, whaur we’ll be ettlin tae skair current affairs i the warld o Scots leid and leitratur, especially whaur it effeirs directly til our membership.

Sae send us in your inside information! Gin ye’ve spottit somethin you think we shuid skair in the neist Eiks, send it til