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Eiks an Ens 30

Annual Collogue

The Annual Collogue o the Scots Leid Associe will be held on Setturday, June 3rd in the Sandeman Room, AK Bell Library, York Place, Perth, PH2 8EP. This year’s theme will be The Art o Flyting in Scottish Leiterature.

Events schedule

10.00 am
Registration and coffee.
10.30 am
Derrick McClure: Whit is Flyting?
11.15 am
George T Watt: The Flytin Hugh MacDiarmaid
12 noon
Sangschaw 2023: prizes and readings.
12.45 pm
Lunch break.
2.00 pm
AGM o the Scots Leid Associe.
2.30 pm
Fred Freeman: Hamish Henderson’s Flyting o Life and Daith.
3.15 pm
Len Pennie: Contemporary Scots Leiterature.
4.00 pm
General discussion.
4.30 pm
Close o Collogue.

The cost o attendin the Collogue is £20. Contact George Watt on or Elaine Morton on

Sangschaw 2023 Winners

The Robert McLellan Tassie fur Scots Prose


Aince bi Jamie Purves


Haymarket Wumman bi Jerry Randalls


Bother wi a Babby Bird bi Anne Jones

Benny bi Andrew G. Matthews

Kafka bi Pete Fortune

The John MacPhail Law Tassie for Owersettin


A Sang tae the Heir bi Derrick McClure

Jynt Rinner-up

The King o the Bees bi Dorothy Lawrenson

Salome bi Jerry Randalls


Mylkwiffe bi Donald Adamson

Weddin Blessin bi Gordon Davidson

A Dug wi Nae Maister bi Tom Ellett

Seeven Auld Fodies bi WS Milne

The Tale o Thorstein Grue bi Colin Mackenzie

The Yirdin o Sorley MacLean bi Derrick McClure

Propertius bi John Erskine

The Hugh MacDiarmaid Tassie for Poesie


Roond Stane bi Finola Scott

Jynt Rinner-up

The Black Loch bi Robert Duncan

Aliens bi James Sinclair


Chale Shaw bi Joe Carstairs

John MacLean’s Coat bi Robert Duncan

Jock Tamson’s Luve-Bairns bi David Bleiman

Bauk in the USSR bi Alastair McLeish

Eldritch, Cretaceous Man Jinkin bi Alan Millar

The Ootgaun bi Hamish Scott

Mindin Joe bi Jock Stein

The Ceremonie o Cairnholy bi Donald Adamson

A New Sang bi David Bleiman

Ahint the Haund bi Kevin Connelly

The Marriage Lair bi Irene Howat

Leid in ma Heid bi Alan Millar

Wittins: Sangschaw, Lallans 102-103

Our ain Lord Braxfield, Jeidge o the Sangschaw, will deleiver his summation o this year’s fairins in Lallans 102. The wird on the pavey is that the crabbit auld scunner wass fair taen up wi whit was puit afore him. Sae caw awaa Scots screivers - it deaves him sairly tae see the leid being yokit tae sic guid effeck! It’s no ower airly tae get makkin your maisterpiece for neist year. The winner o the poesie is prentit ablaw but the editor will ettle tae include as monie entries as possible in the furthcoming Lallans 102/103. Forby, the simmer nummer will hae a byous kythin and spreid o Scots screivin including an interview wi Scots Radio broadcaster Frieda Morrison, Fred Freeman’s epic on Burns, Hamish Henderson and sang, the final instalment o Sam Burns Deacon Brodie play and a wheen o thochtie poesie, tales, reviews and wittins anent aa the ither ploys gaun on in the aye raxin warld o Scots Leid.

The Galloway Hoard, Kirkcudbright Museum bi Finola Scott

Winner o the Hugh MacDiarmid Tassie fur Poesie, Sangschaw 2023

Aw muscle and glaur, he’s preenin
An muckle boastin. Yi’d think
He wis the first. In he struts
Aw Cock o the walk,
King o Faithers, comb throbbin.

Aye unnerfit, he wants tae feel
Ma flutters, tae cup the load I coorie.
He brags aboot the hero it’ll be.
Weel mibbe, but fir noo it’s jist
A wee will o the wisp, ma treisur.

I shouldnae compleen, sure he broucht
thon gift - a wee baa. Its hollow jinglet
when I joogelt it. I thocht it a toy
fir the bairn. But naw, seems it’s tae ease
an bless the birthin. Whit a man.


The Scots Leid Associe is a registered charity rin bi volunteers. Bi bein a memmer o the Associe ye are aaready giein the Scots leid a heize. Ye can help us faurther gin ye coff ane or baith o our braw 50th anniversairy anthologies: contack our memmership secretar George T Watt at or Willie Hershaw at Ilka buik costs £12.99 includin postage. Owerseas orders £5 postage. Includit is a walin o the best Scots poesie and prose fae 50 year and a hunner nummers o Lallans.