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Scotsoun SSCD816

A Ballad Play in Scots

bi William Hershaw

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Michael: A Ballad Play in Scots bi William Hershaw is based on the character o Michael Scot o Balwearie, the 12th-centurie philosopher, owersetter, polymath, alchemist an reputit warlock. Hershaw haes pit the heistorical an fowk-myth aspecks o the Michael Scot legend thegether fur tae tell a grippin tale o a sair-set sowel at ettles tae destroy the universe fur tae pruive the exeistence o God.

Scrieved i livelie an accessible Scots, the pley taks Scottish drama to new airts bi pittin a cast o divils an heistorical figurs (nae least Rabbie Burns an Jimmy Shand) i the settin o tradeitional ballads an fowklair. The result is a tragic but life-affirmin tale brimfu wi dark humour, magic, horror an contemporar relevance.

Oreiginallie publisht as a beuk i 2016