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Scotsoun SSCD812

Poems and Songs

bi David Purdie

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Track list

  1. Leddy Stair’s Closse
  2. Ode til Lord Monboddo
  3. Lowdie’s Sang
  4. Hou They Brocht Guid Wittins frae Ghent til Aix
  5. The Fiddlers
  6. The Braw Deem Athoot Rue
  7. The Tam O Shanter Quintet
  8. Paradykes and Never Met
  9. In Praise o Standart Habbie
  10. Le Vin De Mon Pays
  11. Yirdsang
  12. Ravines
  13. Cranreugh Cauld Crambo
  14. A Jyner’s Loun
  15. The Daith-tree