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Lowland Souch

Scotsoun SSCD118

bi Davie Robertson

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This recordin haes been inspired bi the recent revival o the Scottish cauldwind or bellows pipes. Davie Robertson is ane o the gleggest tradeitional muisicians rowed up wi this revival, an this ingaiterin o hi wark haes been lang syne comin. His masterfu sma pipe accompaniments, his braid an authentic East Lothian Scots an the caller virr o his nain composeitions affuird the best o the tradeition eenou i Lawland Scotland. The mellin o auld an new is completit bi the sets gien bi Andy Hunter (sma pipes), Davie Lockhart (fiddle) an Mike Ward (sma pipes an harmonium).

Track list

  1. The Piper’s Cave and Aiken Drum
  2. A Drinkin Man Robertson