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William Neil

Scotsoun SSCD089

Scotsoun Makars Series

bi William Neil

Track list

  1. Wild Hairst Making Tracks
  2. Mr & Mrs Absentee Landlord Despatches Home
  3. Fhir Tha ’D Sheasamh air mo Lic Despatches Home
  4. A Celtic History Four points of a Saltire
  5. New Farrant Weys Making Tracks
  6. Ermine Making Tracks
  7. Retour frae the Ceetie Making Tracks
  8. The Power of Advertising Galloway Landscape
  9. Cuttie, Coggie and Tassie Making Tracks
  10. Keek at a Corp Making Tracks
  11. Man Walking Wild Places
  12. Beach Walking Wild Places
  13. Iona Wild Places
  14. Wild Places Wild Places
  15. Bliddie Egg-Heids Making Tracks
  16. Tree Speik Making Tracks
  17. Wha Jeedges Pigs, Jeedges Sculpture Tae Wild Places
  18. Posthumous Fame Wild Places
  19. Mull of Galloway Galloway Landscape
  20. Fareweel tae Yestreen Making Tracks
  21. Introduction to Gaelic selection
  22. Air Tràigh Mhachair Shanais Cnù à Mogaill
  23. Nausicaa Despatches Home
  24. Ulysses agus Penelope Four points of a Saltire
  25. Tilleadh Despatches Home
  26. Dùn Eideann Cnù à Mogaill
  27. Calum Cille Cnù à Mogaill
  28. Sòlas air an Tràigh Cnù à Mogaill
  29. Dòchas Faoin Cnù à Mogaill
  30. Gallobha Cnù à Mogaill
  31. Arsair Wild Places
  32. Geòidh Making Tracks
  33. Fèidh Making Tracks
  34. Ball Innischanter Making Tracks
  35. Claoinaig Making Tracks
  36. Stìopall Ulm Making Tracks
  37. Mòinteach nan Cearc-Fraoich Cnù à Mogaill
  38. Sealltainn thar Chluaidh Making Tracks
  39. Lèirsgrios Making Tracks
  40. Felix Qui Propiis Aevum Cnù à Mogaill
  41. Smeuran an Fhoghair Wild Places
  42. Aghaidh ri h-Aghaidh Making Tracks
  43. An Conacht Cnù à Mogaill
  44. Duilleagan Cnù à Mogaill
  45. Ciaradh Cnù à Mogaill
  46. Ged Tha Mi Cnù à Mogaill
  47. Clàrsair Making Tracks
  48. Tearmann Deireannach Slaoightire
  49. Feasgar Fann Foghair Making Tracks