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Currie Flavour

Scotsoun SSCD003

bi Rev James Currie

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Readins bi the Rev James Currie recordit at the Dunlop Manse durin 1974.

Track list

  1. Rab Comes Hame
  2. The Covenanter’s Tryst
  3. Last Lauch Douglas Young
  4. Love Douglas Young
  5. For a Wife in Jizzen Douglas Young
  6. Hurlygush Maurice Lindsay
  7. The Tunnel Maurice Lindsay
  8. The Road to Damascus, Yesterday and Today
  9. Youth and Eild
  10. Alane
  11. Gie me the Hills to Wauner
  12. Lines on the Unveiling of the Burns Memorial Cairn at Harvestoun
  13. Cornrigs and Barleyrigs