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Lallans 105 open for sub­missions

We are accepting submissions to Lallans 105.

Send us your short stories, poetry and drama to

We look forward to having your submission, whether you’ve been submitting for years or you’re a first-time writer!

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About us

The Scots Language Society was founded in 1972 with a single mission: to promote the Scots language and literature by publishing the only magazine dedicated to new Scots writing.

Over five decades later, that remains our mission. Besides Lallans, we run an annual Scots-language writing competition, the Sangschaw, and we have also published a unique collection of Scots-language recordings in our Scotsoun series of CDs.

Furthermore, we have annual Conferences, where we gather together our members and hear talks on Scots-language culture and hear Sangschaw winners reading their own work.

Meet the Committee


We are one of the leading publishers of new Scots literature. Our most important publications are Lallans and Scotsoun.

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