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Scotsoun SSCD816

A Ballad Play in Scots

by William Hershaw

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Michael: A Ballad Play in Scots by William Hershaw is based on the character of Michael Scot of Balwearie, the 12th-century philosopher, translator, polymath, alchemist and reputed wizard. Hershaw has combined the historical and folk myth aspects of the Michael Scot legend to create a gripping portrayal of a troubled soul who attempts to destroy the universe in order to prove the existence of God.

Written in lively and accessible Scots, the play takes Scottish drama to new places by placing a cast of devils and historical figures (including Robert Burns and Jimmy Shand) in the setting of traditional ballads and folklore. The result is a tragic but life-affirming tale brimful with dark humour, magic, horror and contemporary relevance.

Originally published as a book in 2016