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Auld Leids, New Vyces

Scotsoun SSCD814

by Fran Baillie, Karen Hannah, Dorothy Lawrenson, John Quinn, Marcas Mac an Tuairneir and George T Watt

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A collection of poems by a variety of authors with an introduction by George T Watt.

Track list

  1. Uisge
  2. Teine
  3. Àile
  4. Duine
  5. Grioglachants
  6. We’re Nae Awa (Dundee Version)
  7. Allies Airmy Hampden Pairk 1978
  8. Anent the Wurd Socialeist
  9. Bletherin Fou Anent Caledonia (Ben the Howff 2019)
  10. Efter Truth
  11. Lowrie
  12. Mither Natur
  13. Pluto’s Repone
  14. Prestonpans
  15. The Sleeping Warrior (Traditional)
  16. A Hind’s Dochter
  17. The Lowes
  18. The Differ
  19. Ranch Road 12, San Marcos
  20. On Owersettin
  21. The Gettysburg Address (owerset intil Scots)
  22. On Hearin Auld Lang Syne tae a Different Tune
  23. Auld Lang Syne (Original Tune)