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Scots Leid in Europe

Scotsoun SSCD808

by Tam Hubbard, Kate Armstrong, Frances Robson, Lisa Simmons and George T Watt

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Track list

  1. Glaomin
  2. Charles I
  3. The Wabster o Silesia
  4. Introduction
  5. Excerpt frae The Twalve
  6. Excerpt frae Chapter 17 The Prince
  7. Locomotive
  8. Excerpt frae The Demon
  9. The Fiddlers
  10. The Nemmin o Cats
  11. Queen Marie Speaks
  12. The Waal
  13. Ugarit
  14. Gin I Screive Til Ye
  15. Gin I Telt Ye
  16. I mind on you but little ava