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Douglas Young

Scotsoun SSCD099

Scotsoun Makars Series

by Douglas Young

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Track list

  1. Guestless Howff
  2. Dain do Eimhir XLIII: Were ’t no for Ye
  3. Dain do Eimhir LI: I the Connachan Time
  4. Dain do Eimhir XXLIII: The Ghaists
  5. Dain Eile XVII: Wad ye be Atween a Lassie’s
  6. Dain do Eimhir LIV: Ye were the Dawn
  7. Lass wi the Keekin-Gless
  8. Gealach Ur: A Communist Sicht o the New Mune
  9. Dain do Eimhir XXXIII: The Weird o Makars
  10. Dain do Eimhir LVII: A Face Aye Hauntan
  11. Dain do Eimhir XXXIV: When I am Talkan o the Face and Natur
  12. Dain do Eimhir XLII: Were we Thegither, Me and You
  13. Dain do Eimhir LV: I Dinna Ken the Sense o ma Trauchlan
  14. Dain do Eimhir LIII: I Fashna Masel for the Grand Revolution
  15. Hielant Woman
  16. On a North British Devolutionary
  17. Ice-Flumes Owergie their Lades
  18. Aisling na h-Alba
  19. Hielant Colloquy
  20. Pious Ejaculation in Aberdeen
  21. Thesaurus Paleo-Scoticus
  22. For Alasdair
  23. In Memoriam, Douglas Young:
  24. Luve
  25. For a Wife in Jizzen
  26. Dante, Vita Nova, frae the second canzone
  27. The 23rd Psalm o King Dauvit
  28. Hame frae Stalingrad
  29. Grey are the Sands
  30. Til the Andantino frae Gluck’s Orpheus
  31. Rowans are Rowthie
  32. I loed Ye Yince: into Scots
  33. I loed Ye Yince: into German
  34. Sabbath i the Mearns
  35. The Ballant o the Laird’s Bath
  36. Last Lauch
  37. Hektor’s Twynan frae Andromacha