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Lallans 54

The fifty-fourth issue of the Lallans magazine.

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  • Verse for a New Watchby TS Law
  • Hinniewaffby David C. Purdie
  • Regretsby George Hardie
  • Howffby Muriel Ferrier
  • Better than a Iain Ferguson
  • Woonditby James Hall Thomson
  • Killing Timeby Muriel Ferrier
  • Hungersby T.S. Law
  • Echtyseevenby James Hall Thomson
  • Ferry Acrosticsby William Hershaw
  • Paintin the Muneby James Robertson
  • Ferlies furth the yirdby Dauvit Horsbroch
  • Skim tae thereby Andy McNeil
  • Objectsby Andy McNeil
  • Commentby
  • Gyteby James Hall Thomson
  • Passive Izzit?by James Hall Thomson
  • Encoonterby George Hardie
  • White Slaveby Matthew Fitt
  • Sea Lifetimesby Christine De Luca
  • Love at furst sichtby Iain Ferguson
  • A Leid Cawed Loveby William Hershaw
  • Da Ballad o Maggie Reidby Christine De Luca
  • Son of Santaby LA Reid
  • Eddie's Monologueby Margaret McSeveney
  • A Jobe in Haundby TS Law